Public Relations



Our founder is a member of US Press and we know how to get you the positive exposure you want for your business, its current events, milestone, and achievements.  Did you know the first public relations firm started in 1889 when our well-known industrialist George Washington hired two men to get the word out about his pet project entitle A/C or alternating current otherwise known as electricity?  Did you know that the term “public relations” actually appeared in the 1897 Year Book of Railway Literature. 

Today, public relations have grown into a wide variety of meanings.  It was referenced in the oil spill years ago to be a way to repair a company’s reputation for mistakes it made.    Today it is used to help establish a company’s reputation by distributing information in a manner that will instill perceptions of a high level of respect and integrity.  Remember public relations is not publicity it is internally controlled to ensure the messages management reaches the press and their current and prospective clients.

Remember public relations is about creating an image for a company to install a brand and level of integrity that makes people comfortable and want to do business.

Orbital Media prides itself on understanding the company’s challenges and thus making sure the communication between its internal teams and the outside world is highly ethical, informative, truthful, professional, and respectful.


When you choose Orbital Media for your public relations, just share the challenge you are having and will figure out the best way to get it out to the public.  All companies have made mistakes at one time or another but the important thing is to be accountable, own up to them, and do the right thing to correct them.  Also, we know how a reputation can take days, months, or years to build and that it can be destroyed in a fraction of a second.